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Google Maps | Street View

A premium quality 360 virtual tour of your business powered by Street View technology.

Estimate the Number of Panos

To get an idea how many panos will be needed to create the tour in your place of business, try using this approach:

  • There needs to be at least one exterior pano at the entrance to your business.
  • You may also want to have an additional pano outside and further away from the entrance that captures a business sign on the building.
  • You can have any number of exterior panos as well, if your business requires it, but here are some considerations you may want to review.
  • The interior panos start at the business entrance and go along any open pathway.
  • All panos need to be in the line of sight, and without any obstacles in the way of the next pano to which they need to connect.
  • One pano can connect to any number of other panos that are in the line of sight.
  • The best practice is to position panos between 3 and 15 feet apart. It optimizes connectivity and navigation. However, they can be further apart if there is a need for it. For instance, panos in a large warehouse or in a vineyard may need to be 30 yards apart.

Preepare your business for the shoot