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Google Maps | Street View

A premium quality 360 virtual tour of your business powered by Street View technology.

Prepare Your Business for the Shoot

We like to see your place of business in the best shape possible before taking pictures. We advise you to make a few adjustments for achieving the best impression.

Tidy up the place

It is a good practice to put away personal belonging from employees, such as clothing,, hand bags, to hide unnecessary items from desks tops, tables, counter tops, such as marketing materials and personal pictures, to hide trash cans and remove signs taped on doors that you don't want to be seen.

Ask people to leave

Tours turn out the best when there are no people in the shots. Not that we don't like having people in the shots, but the technical aspects of 360 photography frequently makes their image smeared and the privacy rules require us to have their faces obscured by blurring. We are happy to work with you and schedule the shoot at a time the business is closed or least busy..

Remove cars from the entrance

Having cars parked in front of the business sometimes presents a problem because they may be in the way of having a clear approach or getting a clean look of the business. We advise asking people to park further away from the entrance.

Minimize exterior shots

When shooting the exteriors, there may be some issues with the way the images are stitched together in a seamless 360 panorama. If we need to take many exterior images, to avoid the problem we prefer to shoot on a cloudless day to minimize the stitching problems. If this is not possible, there may be additional charges for manual stitching of images to correct the issue.

Avoid multiple floors and detached objects

If there are multiple floors, we can connect them using stairwells. But sometimes it is not possible and we need to use a multi-level tour configuration. They are sometimes used if a business has multiple location that don't connect with one another but are a part of a single business location, such as model apartments in an apartment complex. In a multi-level tour, each level is treated as a separate tour. At this time, the street view has some limitations with setting the starting point of the overall tour so the tour may start at a wrong place. If possible we advise not to do the multi level tours while this issue persists.

Estimate the approximate number of panos your business requires